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Action Mobile Games released some new videos of their upcoming title for iOS devices, Infected Wars. It's a third-person shooter that focuses on surviving waves of increasingly difficult infected, ranging from humans and dogs to giant club wielding bosses that will turn you into a decoration on the concrete street with one good smash.

The trailer doesn't look half bad if you're all right with your games not having the latest in shader x.0 tech. Nevertheless, the developers have assured fans that for newer devices there is dynamic lighting and shadows. So you can wipe the sweat from your brow thinking that the game might look like crap on your overly expensive Apple device. You obviously didn't pay all that money to have apps looking like they came off an Android device.

Additionally, the game sports some rather impressive two-player cooperative options via network play. You can take down zombies, mutant infected and bosses with a buddy, as showcased in the trailer below.

At this point the game looks a lot like that Unreal Engine mod The Haunted or The Hunted, or whatever it was called for Unreal Tournament 3. Of course, a lot of the concepts and visual designs in Infected Wars have been downscaled to suit the nature of a mobile device... so it's not like you can expect Gears of War going into the game.

If you're the kind of gamers who just needs some sort of a pastime zombie-smashing paradise to hold you over while you ride the bus, the train, the subway or commute from one place to the next while you wait to get your destination, I could easily see Infected Wars being a great game to bide your time.

Right now, the game is sort of in certification limbo. You know how that whole thing goes where you submit something and it may or may not get approved? Yeah, like the old curated method of content on Steam where you're eagerly awaiting a response from Doug Lombardi like a bride waiting for a groom with cold feet to come back to the ceremony after fleeing to a local bar. It may not ever happen, honey.

Anyway, the game is expected to launch soon on the iTunes app store once Apple gives it the go-ahead. You can learn more about Action Mobile Games by paying a visit to the official website. And here's one more video just for those of you who are on the fence about whether you like the game or not. Third time's the charm.

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