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Injustice Blackest Night DLC Revealed By Amazon

The fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be getting downloadable content inspired by the Blackest Night comic book storyline. A new trailer from Amazon reveals that they'll be giving it to pre-order customers.

In Blackest Night, a mysterious entity known as Nekron seeks to wipe out all life. To accomplish his mission, he resurrects dead superheroes to form his army. These superheroes become members of the Black Lantern Corps. Green Lantern must band together with various other superhumans and villains to stop this army of undead.

The DLC pack will unlock zombified versions of many characters. Batman, Catwoman and Solomon Grundy are all seen in undead form here. It's not clear whether these changes are just cosmetic or whether they'll actually affect the game at all.

The trailer is from Amazon Germany. The North American version of the site currently doesn't mention the Blackest Night DLC. Best to hold off on pre-ordering the game through Amazon or any other site before the bonus is officially announced for this territory.

NetherRealm Studios previously announced an add-on based on the Red Son comic series. It's a cool way for the developers to pay tribute to the comic books that inspired the fighting game.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.