NetherRealm Studios announced another super hero for Injustice: Gods Among Us' roster today. Players will be able to take on the role of Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow.

Green Arrow is a vigilante who uses his bow and arrow and a variety of gadgets to punish evil-doers. Admittedly he's one of the lesser-known characters in Injustice. Perhaps his appearance in this game, along with the upcoming CW series Arrow, will give him the attention he deserves though.

A new gameplay trailer shows the Green Arrow in action. His bow and quiver of special arrows are the key components of his fighting style. Really love the power-slide shot he does at one point. He can use his fists as well if his opponent gets too close.

Injustice will arrive in April 2013. NetherRealm has plenty of time, then, to slowly reveal the rest of the cast.

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