Insomniac Games has hinted in the past that Resistance 3 would be the last game they'd create in the series. Today, CEO Ted Price confirmed that they've officially moved on from the PS3 exclusive shooter franchise.

“We won’t be making any more Resistances,” Price told VG247 at Southern Methodist University’s Game::Business::Law Summit today.

This doesn't mean the series is over, though. As Insomniac creative director Marcus Smith said back in August, it's more likely that another developer would take over duties on console sequels.

"Nihilistic is already doing a [Resistance] Vita game, which is going to be awesome. We really respect those guys as game developers. Sony Bend did Resistance Retribution on PSP. We've got a lot of different places for the universe to go, so I could certainly see the series going to another developer," said Smith at the time. "I'm sure Sony would want to find a high caliber developer to do a good offering. I don't think they'd hand the franchise over to somebody who is going to screw it up."

At last year's E3, Insomniac announced a four-player co-op action game called Overstrike. They're developing it for the Xbox 360 and PS3, making it the first multiplatform game developed by the company. I imagine the personnel and resources that would've been otherwise devoted to Resistance 4 are tied up in this new project instead.

The first game in the Resistance series, Resistance: Fall of Man, was a launch title for the PS3. It was also the first game to sell a million copies on that console. Given Resistance's status as a high-profile exclusive, I'd think Sony would be interested in continuing it even if they need to find a new studio.

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