We already knew that Jet Car Stunts was coming to PSN for the Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. What you probably didn't know was that Grip Games has plans for Jet Car Stunts beyond mobile, PC and PlayStation platforms.

A press release was recently issued by Grip Games, as noted by Gaming Enthusiast, indicating that Jet Car Stunts, the high-end, 1080p and 60fps stunt-racer, will be arriving for Xbox consoles, too.

That's right, Jet Car Stunts will also release – at an unspecified time – for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

It seems rather baffling given that originally, True Axis' title didn't seem like it was going to make the cut on the eighth-gen Microsoft machine, but it looks like that just might be happening.

One of the reasons most people didn't expect to see Jet Car Stunts make it to the Xbox One was because it is running at 1080p and 60fps. As we all know, the Xbox One has trouble maintaining resolutions and frame-rates above 792p and 30fps, also known as welfare graphics.

Surprisingly, though, developer True Axis and publisher Grip Games have somehow found a way to get the game to make the jump onto Microsoft's platform. However, what we don't know is if the game will maintain its true-to-form, native 1080p resolution and its 60 frames per second. Like what happened with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, where the game was 1080p and only 30 frames per second.

Also, for a game like Jet Car Stunts, both resolution and frame-rate are absolutely essential for a crystal clear, jaggy-free experience. Not everyone is down with PS2-level jaggies in their indie games.

As for the game itself... well, Jet Car Stunts is receiving a far bit of praise throughout the gaming community, especially in recent reviews from sites like Hardcore Gamer, where they cited “easy to grasp” mechanics and challenging gameplay. A lot of players have commented that it's like a toy-box version of Trackmania, and that's a worthwhile compliment to receive if there ever was one.

The game looks like a ton of fun, and it's one of the many titles due out this year that challenges the status quo by introducing gamers to a beautiful, fun-filled gameplay environment where frame-rate and clarity help bring to life a wonderfully colorful and dynamically bright racing experience.

Whether or not the game will be as good on the Xbox One as it's going to be on the PlayStation systems remain to be seen, but at least the Xbox One is getting some new games. It's become embarrassingly barren over on the Xbox One's software side, as all those indie games we were promised before but have only seen a couple make it onto the Xbox storefront.

We'll keep you posted as to when Jet Car Stunts will make an appearance on Microsoft's gaming platforms. For now, PS4, PSV and PS3 owners can take solace knowing that they can play the game in all its 1080p, 60fps glory this summer.

Jet Car Stunts is currently available on Steam for $9.99.

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