Daredevil game Joe Danger won't be a PSN exclusive much longer. Microsoft revealed today that Joe Danger Special Edition will be released through Xbox Live Arcade this holiday season.

In Joe Danger, players must drive a motorbike through obstacle-filled courses. You gain extra points by completing courses quickly or by stringing together several stunts. There are other objectives to pursue in each level, too, such as collecting coins or traversing the course in an unbroken chain of stunts.

The Special Edition is said to have twice the gameplay content of the original. It features an extra career mode, with new challenges, modes, and playable characters. "Insane laboratory levels" will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Joe Danger was originally released through PSN in the summer of 2010. Sean Murray, co-founder of developer Hello Games, said they chose PSN because Xbox Live is "kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers." However, it seems Hello Games and Microsoft have buried the hatchet.

The "box art" for the game is below. Expect the first trailer to debut tomorrow.

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