When you think carnage and destruction and over-the-top madness in a multiplayer game, the one game you probably don't think about is Just Cause 2 and that's because Just Cause 2 doesn't have multiplayer. Well, it didn't have multiplayer until some sly-as-a-PI modders added an MMO-sized multiplayer mod and videos started popping up showcasing some carnage-driven action.

The trailer comes courtesy from the latest Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta test. It features a collage of uber-mayhem on a scale only several hundred players could generate in an open-world action game. Now if only we could get a legit MMO out there like this (APB: Reloaded not included).

The common complaint from many gamers is that the multiplayer is chaotic. Oh wow, I never would have guessed that. I mean, you have a server where up to 1,000 players are sometimes just rampaging around with weapons of mass destruction, a grappling hook that can coil together vehicles and a large cache of destructible elements....I'm guessing some players thought the whole thing would be roses and a tea party?

Just Cause 2 on single-player is already a chaotic disasterpiece of epically fun proportions, I'm trying to figure out how anyone would log into the multiplayer beta and expect anything less? It would almost be like trying to take the kicks out of a Chuck Norris movie.

Anyway, for people who don't mind unfiltered, uncontrolled, unmonitored open-world chaos on a grand scale, complete with players doing all sorts of stuff that would make the experience an over-the-top thrill-ride then you can learn more about the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta by visiting the Official Website.

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