There are some among you who probably don't think the cast of the reality show Jersey Shore should've been let anywhere near the Spike Video Game Awards. Spike VGA producer Geoff Keighley has an explanation for their seemingly pointless appearance, though.

On Major Nelson's weekly podcast, Keighley noted that the majority of the celebrities in attendance in this year's show had some link to the gaming industry. For example, Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in the new Prince of Persia film and Mike Tyson appeared in Fight Night Round 4. "Everyone was there for a reason and I was really dead-set on making sure the talent had a link to gaming and we got rid of a lot of the fluff."

"I'm sure there are people that are going to complain and say, 'Oh, you didn't need Snoop Dogg in there performing' or 'You didn't need the cast of Jersey Shore'. You gotta give us a few things so we can make it more entertaining to a mainstream audience."

Plus, shit, it's not like they had to pay the Jersey Shore cast much to show up. Air fare and a round of Jager bombs is probably all the convincing they needed.

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