Grasshopper Manufacture released a new trailer for the upcoming Killer Is Dead, and the trailer sports snippets of hacking, slashing, some sexy-time and plenty of head-banging action from the grunge-rock group, Jesse and the Bonez.

I honestly can't tell you what's going on in the video. I have no idea what the context of the video or the music is... heck, I can't even understand them. However, I imagine this is music for butt-kicking inclined, and we don't always have to know or understand what's being said to know that the music is there to drive our thirst for butt-kickery. I think, in that regards, the video succeeds nicely.

According to Xseed Games, the collaboration with Jesse and the Bonez will extend as far as having two of the music group's songs featured in Killer Is Dead, including the songs “Bossman” and “Access Violation”.

Previously, the trailers for Killers Is Dead weren't too far off from what you've just watched above. Most of the trailers are filled to the brim with ambiguity, vulgarity or violence... and all of the above are dished out in spades and peppered with enough colorful gratuity to make Quinten Tarantino films look like black and white silent flicks.

The general plot of the game follows killer-for-hire Mondo Zappa, as he seeks out a number of baddies he must take down at the request of his employer. Along the way players will encounter a ton of strange bosses, creatures and villains – as showcased in many of the game's screenshot packages – and then there are all the ladies that Mondo can woo and get all sexy-time with like the pimp that he is. I have no idea how that whole mechanic exactly works but I imagine it'll be something similar to the whole hostess thing in the Yakuza games.

Suda51's latest title will probably still stay niche, just like his other games with the exception of No More Heroes, which was his only game that came really close to hitting that mainstream barrier.

Killer Is Dead seems to combine the over-the-topness from Killer 7 with the sensibilities of No More Heroes and a tidbit of the humor from Shadows of the Damned.

If the wacky, strobelight palette and hack-and-slash gameplay is what suits your taste in games, then you can look for Killer Is Dead to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 starting August 27th in North America. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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