It looks like Sony has lifted the release date restrictions tied to all things PlayStation 4 except for the console itself, meaning gamers can stock up on any games and peripherals they happen to come across in the wild a full two weeks before they can actually use any of it.

I would like to tell you a story about two very lovely paper weights that now sit on my desk, taunting me. On Monday evening, I received a phone call from GameStop. A pre-recorded lady informed me that my pre-ordered copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall had arrived in the store and that I would be able to pick it up first thing Tuesday morning.

“That...can't be right,” I thought to myself, heading to the most trusted source of information in the universe, the internet. I surfed on over to Gamefaqs to see if anyone else had received a similar call. Sure enough, dozens of threads had already popped up from folks receiving a similar call. Some posters had gone so far as to call their respective stores and every single one of those people said the sales clerks were convinced it had to be a mistake.

“That's what I figured,” I said to the empty room, wondering why I had begun talking to myself so much. “They probably got them in already, sure, but no way in hell was the recording supposed to go live yet.”

The following evening I decided to drop by Gamefaqs again and see if there was an update on the situation. My GameStop is half an hour away and I couldn't be bothered to just look up their number and give them a call myself, apparently. As it turns out, Killzone: Shadow Fall was available for pick up.

So, yesterday afternoon, I made my way into the city, grabbed my copy of the game and a PlayStation 4 camera to boot. The clerk informed me that they had extra controllers in stock, too, and wouldn't I love to go ahead and pick one up since those bad boys can be used this very minute on the PlayStation 3 and PC? I shot him down, however, as there aren't any couch multiplayer games at launch that warrant another $60 investment from yours truly at the moment.

As it turns out, Sony has basically lifted the street dates on pretty much anything related to the PS4, except for the actual console, of course. It's a good move, actually. It'll cut down on some of the craziness bound to occur on launch night, Nov. 15, it'll allow folks to spread the financial damage out a little bit, and maybe it'll help rebuild some of that hype that was lost following some of yesterday's upsetting revelations about the upcoming console.

For the time being, my game and camera are just sitting here. I stare at them and they stare right back...This might be a long two weeks.

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