Kneel Before Zod In DC Universe Online Update 6

Today Sony Online Entertainment released the sixth major content update to DC Universe Online today. Game Update 6: The Deadly Double Cross is the third and final entry in the Fortress of Solitude raid series.

The Deadly Double Cross begins with players trapped in the Fortress of Solitude. Their former ally, the Kryptonian General Zod, has gained control of the Sun Crystal Matrix Chamber. Players must team up with Superman and Lex Luthor to defeat Zod and his minions Non and Ursa.

The eight-man raid adds plenty of new loot for you to earn. You'll acquire Kryptonian Military weapons as well as pieces of the Avatar set.

DC Universe Online went free-to-play two weeks ago. There are still optional premium features, but this raid isn't one of them. You can download it for free no matter what type of account you have.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.