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You know, one of the things you probably don't think about very often is how messy your controllers can get with a lot of wear and tear over the years. Well, KontrolFreek, the makers of things like FPS Freek, has a solution in the form of their new product, the Shield. It's a protective vinyl covering that keeps your controller safe from scuffs, scratches, dirt and grime.

Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek commented about the new Shield product line for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, saying...
"We are excited to extend the customization and personalization option to the gaming community in a format that’s affordable and easy to apply,”... “At the same time, this product allows KontrolFreek to continue delivering on its mission of providing innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience.”

Some of the designs for the controllers are actually pretty cool. So far, KontrolFreek has several designs including Bombshell, Admiral, Grunge, C.Q.C, Ammunition, Structured and as pictured above, Stealth.

I imagine this will be a cool way to deck out and protect your controller without having to a buy a new one for a cool livery. What's more is that the vinyl easily peels off so you don't have to worry about any sticky residue being left on your precious hand-sticks.

The KontrolFreek Shield is available right now for only $12.99. That's not too bad a deal so long as your gamepad is in working condition and you just want to add a bit of spice to the love making that takes place between the grips of the controller and the palms of your hand.

You can learn more about the Shield by paying a visit to the official KontrolFreek website.