I’m usually not sold on third-party gaming accessories that seem like they do little else but find a way to zap a couple of hundred bucks out of your savings and then conveniently take up a graduate course in collecting dust on a shelf until it garners a PhD in traveling to the trash. However, the Kor-FX is a nifty device that works as a full-sensory immersion device that's compatible with movies, music and video games, allowing users to experience every bump, shunt, bruise, hit, boom and bullet effect. Immerz has announced that interested consumers can pre-order the full-sensory device from any of the 200 Play N Trade retailers throughout the US and Canada.

Oddly enough, the device only costs $189.99, which isn’t half-bad compared to some peripherals out there (i.e., VisionRacer for GT5). Skeptical consumers, of course, can get a first-hand look at the Kor-Fx and its full sensory immersion capabilities at the Consumer Electronics Show with live demos.

Shahriar S. Afshar, Immerz’ CEO and CTO commented in the press release, saying…
“We have been extremely pleased with both the consumer feedback and the industry awards and accolades that the KOR-fx has received to date and are looking forward to a successful launch. Play N Trade’s strategic focus on in-store gaming demos gives us a unique opportunity to bring the KOR-fx experience directly to the gamers, who will immediately appreciate the directional full immersion and competitive advantage that KOR-fx provides.”

The acousto haptic technology that drives the device is somewhat intriguing, as it can monitor and react according to both the user and media that they’re experiencing. This makes the Kor-Fx slightly more viable than many gaming vibration chairs out there.

You can pre-order your own Kor-Fx or learn more about it by visiting the Official Website.

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