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Red 5 Studios is head of an organization that was put together to help support and represent the gaming community, called The League For Gamers. The idea is that the movement works together with those within the gaming industry to fight against ill practices used to shed negative light on the industry or work against gamers.

Originally, the League For Gamers formed to fight off the SOPA and PIPA bills, well, they're collectively gathering forces once again to fight off Bill H.R. 4204, which would see a warning label on all games E10+ saying that games have been linked with aggressive behavior.

The bill was proposed by Congressmen Joe Baca and Frank Wolf just two weeks ago. The bill would supposedly help inform consumers that the game they're purchasing could potentially link the player to aggression and increased hostility. While Wolf and Baca provided no references for the link between video game violence and aggression, the studies that are out there are highly subjective, such as the one conducted at the University of Missouri.

Anyways, Red 5's League For Gamers is on the call and aiming to fight against the proposed bill, with Mark Kern, Red 5 Studios CEO and LFG founder saying...
“When SOPA and PIPA were near passing, gamers banded together and found their voice – effectively helping to shut down the legislation,” ... “While it was an awesome moment that proved we can’t be taken lightly, protecting gamers’ rights is an ongoing process that requires us all to remain vigilant. LFG is here to be the watchdog against bills like SOPA, PIPA, and H.R. 4204. But it’s the community that inevitably acts as our teeth.”

Good stuff. Red 5 is also responsible for the AAA, free-to-play MMOFPS, FireFall. In addition to showcasing the game, consumers and gamers alike can get informed about the League For Gamers at the upcoming PAX East at the FireFall booth, #536.

If you don't plan on paying a visit to PAX East you can still learn more about the League For Gamers as well as get educated on the spread of misinformation by people like Joe Baca and Frank Wolf by visiting the Official League For Gamers Website.

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