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Many video game parodies of movie trailers are pale imitations. This recreation of Jurassic World's trailer in League of Legends, however, is very spot-on.

What's impressive about this parody is how little they needed to edit League of Legends. This footage looks like it was just made from custom matches. The only things different from the actual game are the close-up camera angles and the Jurassic World audio layered over the top.

"So with the release of Prehistoric Cho'gath, Renekton, And Anivia, I decided that I should put the skins to a good use (other then bashing Teemo's face in) and create a Jurassic Park Trailer Spoof," said the creator on YouTube. "Because let's face it, when cho gets uber fed, he's pretty much the I-Rex, just hunting the enemy team for sport."

The recreation is made a lot simpler by the recently released Prehistoric skins. The Prehistoric skins essentially turn Cho'Gath and Anivia into dinosaurs. Anivia, for example, is a pterodactyl. A group of Renektons serve as a stampede of dinosaurs. Cho'Gath's Prehistoric skin, combined with his size increase from his ultimate ability, makes him the massive beast this trailer needed.

LoL's diverse roster provides the rest of the cast. Graves, the stubble-faced gunslinger, stands in for Chris Pratt. Jurassic World's owner is played by Lucian. Bryce Dallas Howard's character is now Vi. The trailer even manages to get a giant shark snatching up a fish in there thanks to Fizz's ultimate ability.

Here's the actual Jurassic World trailer, for basis of comparison:

The Prehistoric skins debuted in League of Legends earlier this week. They're priced at 750 RP each.

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