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Today new assets from Halo 4's multiplayer leaked onto the Internet. These supposed images from the Xbox 360 shooter show off weapons and customization options from the game's online play.

The shots, courtesy of are unfortunately poor quality. I guess no one with a good camera has access to the multiplayer beta. If you're looking for glamour shots, you should search elsewhere.

However, the images are clear enough to show some interesting bits. For example, one shot features a seemingly new pistol. Screenshots from the loadout screens give us an idea of what sort of custom abilities players will have at their fingertips. You'll be able to create five custom loadouts, each with the following: primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade, armor ability, tactical package and support package.

This is the second Halo 4 multiplayer leak this weekend. Yesterday a gameplay video hit the web. That might be a juicier leak but be warned: it's a lot more irritating to sit through.

Halo 4 is due this November.

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