Left 4 Dead Playable On PlayStation Vita

Valve doesn't have any plans to port Left 4 Dead to the PlayStation Vita but who needs 'em? One gamer has figured out a way to play the zombie shooter through their Vita anyway.

Accessing L4D on a Vita requires a bit of trickery. The player in the video below uses a remote desktop app via PlayStation Mobile. The exact steps weren't shown in the video but the point is, it can be done.

The video is somewhat poor quality so it's tough to tell what caliber the graphics are in the Vita L4D. However, the frame rate seems at least playable. The player even switches over to motion control at times so he can aim by moving the Vita to and fro.

It's encouraging that PlayStation Mobile gives Vita owners a back door method for accessing non-Vita games. I don't think this really solves the Vita's software problem, though. If the selection of Vita-specific games isn't compelling, a gamer's not going to buy a Vita. There's no sense in buying a handheld to play PC games if you've already got a PC capable of running them in the first place.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.