Loadout Coming Exclusively To PS4 While Xbox One Continues To Miss Out

Another popular game is arriving on the PlayStation 4, this time it's the third-person, weapon-customization-heavy free-to-play shooter from Edge of Reality, Loadout.

The official PlayStation blog has a post indicating that the recent free-to-play, third-person shooter, Loadout, will be coming to the PlayStation 4... and only the PlayStation 4.

In fact, the game is being finely tuned for release on Sony's system, just the same way that Warframe was finely tuned for release on Sony's system. Both games are hugely popular in their own right, having more than 3 million players engaged and entertained by the wacky zaniness of Edge of Reality's TPS.

You can see the game in action with the official PlayStation 4 trailer below.

Dang, that's a crapton of vulgarity in a minute long trailer. Loadout makes Call of Duty look like My Little Pony.

I had previously put in some play-time with Loadout back when it was in the alpha testing phase, but they've really ramped up the game's camp factors, gore and personality since then. I'm glad to see the game find its own personality amidst all the other countless modern-military shooters flooding the market.

Anyway, as mentioned on the blog, the game will be adjusted to make use of the PS4's hardware and control mechanics, enabling players to fully embrace the DualShock 4 in all its glory, with the creative director at Edge of Reality, Mike Nau, writing...

“Loadout has literally billions of different weapon combinations, and you can wield every last one of them once we launch on PS4. We’re going to be adjusting all the scopes and balancing the barrels so your weapons of choice feel right at home on DualShock 4.”

All this talk about the PS4 would make one think that this was a two pony race between Sony and Nintendo in an eighth-gen derby. This is yet another console exclusive for the PS4 that won't be appearing on the Xbox One.

If I'm nervous for Microsoft following the statistics showing that 79% of gamers not being interested in a $399 Xbox One, then I can only imagine the pants-peeing fear that must be running through the hearts and minds of the executives in charge of the Xbox brand.

While some gamers may not see Loadout as that big of a deal, keep in mind that this is yet another exclusive in the pocket for the PlayStation 4 within a few short days, following the likes of Without Memory and Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. It also doesn't help that Dead Rising 3, one of the highly touted exclusives for the Xbox One, is now coming to PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.