Without Memory Becomes PS4 Exclusive, Dev Skips On Xbox One Due To Sales, Terms

It really does look like the Xbox One is becoming the Wii U real quick, and Phil Spencer's Kinect-less turn-around couldn't have come at a better time because developers are starting to see the small install base as part of several reasons to skip the Xbox One in favor of PlayStation 4 exclusivity.

Without Memory is an upcoming game from Russian developer Dinosaurum Games; as noted by Polygon, it's running on the Unreal Engine 4. The game is scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 4 but not the Xbox One.

GamingBolt has been on a roll lately, scoring interviews with executives and developers across the board, providing the gaming community with plenty of fuel to keep fanboys on the verge of having heart attacks and pundits talking up a storm on their soap boxes in equal magnitude to the conservative push-back during the heyday of GTA's controversial antics, which was right during the time when Jack Thompson used to have a respectable job.

Gaming Bolt spoke with the studio founder of Dinosaurum Games, Arkady Kulikov, where he explained to them why they decided to choose the PlayStation 4 as the exclusive platform in which to launch Without Memory, saying...

“We chose the PlayStation 4 because of next-gen possibilities it offers and because of how successful it has been sales wise.” ... “It is [also] not possible to “hack” the console and download the game,”

Worries about piracy are still kind of pervasive in the game development community, eh? It would seem like Steam would have assuaged those fears, but then again the biggest culprits of the worst forms of hacking seem to bubble up from around the console community, as made evident with the Grand Theft Auto V leak, Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, GamingBolt seemed terribly concerned with the well-being of the Xbox One and its software library... or rather, the lack of its software library. They asked Kulikov specifically why they opted for the PS4 and not the Xbox One and what was preventing them from porting the game to Microsoft's console. Here's what he had to say...

“The terms of cooperation seems to be unfavorable for us,”

If anyone can interpret what “terms of cooperation” means that would be wonderful.

As it stands, we can only speculate that the sales discrepancy between the PS4 and the Xbox One – in addition to institutions like the parity clause – are keeping some indie developers from going all-in on Microsoft's latest console. This is especially worrisome because if the console is going to lose in the graphics department to the PS4 in the benchmarks, it would at least seem like a good balance if Microsoft picked up a lot of smaller and mid-budget game releases.

As it stands, the Xbox One is the eighth-gen console with the least amount of indies and mid-budget titles, losing lots of ground to both the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U.

As for Without Memory, let's hope that Dinosaurum Games finds some way to eventually port the title to the Xbox One. It's getting a little scary with all the support that Microsoft is losing in favor of both Sony and Nintendo.

You can learn more about the PS4 exclusive, Without Memory, by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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