2K Sports has released their baseball simulation MLB 2K13 to stores through the United States and Canada. The game's launch brings with it another Perfect Game Challenge with big cash prizes up for grabs.

The Perfect Game Challenge asks players to pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K13. 2K has held this competition for each new game in the series since 2K10. In previous years, the first person to pitch a perfect game won $1 million bucks.

For MLB 2K13, the Perfect Game Challenge is a bit different. Starting on April 1st, players can earn $25,000 by pitching a perfect game with any of MLB's 30 teams. The catch is that only one person can win the prize for a given team. However, players can earn multiple $25,000 prizes if they get perfect games with different teams.

2K Sports will track the competition using leaderboards. The winners of these prizes will be ranked according to a "proprietary algorithm." Presumably the amount of teams you pitch perfect games with, and the quality of those teams, determine your rank. On April 30th, the top four players on the leaderboards will face off in a single-tournament tournament during the MLB All-Star Week in New York. The winner will earn a $250,000 grand prize.

MLB 2K13 allows gamers to create a custom player and follow them from the minors to the majors. They can also run their franchise and try to lead it to the World Series. Other features include home run derbies, the 2012 postseason, and real-world scouting reports. The game can be purchased for $59.99 by itself or as a $79.99 with NBA 2K13.

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