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MLG Stands Against SOPA, Removes Domains From GoDaddy

Even though GoDaddy resigned from supporting Stop Online Piracy Act after they lost thousands and thousands of registered domain users, Major League Gaming is still making their voice heard by having all their domains moved off the GoDaddy servers.

According to the Examiner, Major League Gaming confirmed that they would not be supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act with the following comments...

MLG would like to officially announce that we have removed our entire network, which encompasses over 100 domains, from in response to their support of SOPA. Moving forward, we will be using Namecheap for all of our hosting needs.MLG is firmly against both the specifics of SOPA and the philosophy behind the bill. We urge all of you to read up on the issue and draw your own conclusions.

Another win for free speech? I guess so.

This follows closely on the heels of Epic Games denouncing support for SOPA, despite the fact that they are associated with the ESA who publicly came forward to announce their support for SOPA.

The bill itself basically enables the United States government and copyright holders to directly shutdown or block access to websites that may infringe on the copyrights of the original IP holders. It's a bit of an extreme, fascists approach to the slippery issue of piracy and intellectual property and content protection.

After so many heavy hitters and big names have come forward to publicly denounce support for SOPA, it has to make you question what the heads behind the bill are thinking about the whole thing? For the most part I imagine many of the representatives are either completely oblivious to the bill's ramifications or they simply want to exercise some totalitarian-style control over the internet.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.