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Mad Max Trailer Promotes The Magnum Opus' Vehicular Carnage

Avalanche Studios, renown developers of the popular Just Cause series, has released a brand new trailer for Mad Max that showcases some of the game's in-game vehicular carnage. The whole point of the promo is to amp up the expectations gamers will have of Max's brand new ride, the Magnum Opus.

The game takes place after the Road Warrior, where his modified Ford Falcon has been totaled after dealing with Humongous and his crew. Players will need a brand new ride – something strong and deadly, something fierce and uncanny. The best way to come up with the ride was for Avalanche and West Coast Customs to devise a custom four-wheeled beast suited for the gas-deficient, post-apocalyptic lifestyle of the outback.

As mentioned in the recent press release issued today...

“The real-life version of the Magnum Opus was designed with the West Coast Customs automotive specialists and features a high-performance engine, killer tires, a suspension system built to handle the Wasteland terrain and much more. Check out the included one-sheet to learn all about the West Coast Customs vehicle build-out and how the real-life Magnum Opus vehicle showcases some key Players’ in-game options.”

Avalanche had mentioned before that the Magnum Opus would play a pretty significant part in the way Mad Max is played. The upgrading and customization will happen throughout the gameplay experience of the open-world, vehicular action title, and players will experience plenty of road-based carnage along the way.

As mentioned in the preview piece last year, the game will also sport a sizable portion of gameplay content that takes place on foot, as players will traverse the game world and gather materials, perform stealth take-downs and acquire (or craft) brand new weapons.

I was mostly worried about how well the game would play when it comes to the vehicle combat, but I have to say, I think that Avalanche really nailed it down good and tight from what I've witnessed. A large part of the game's appeal will be with the car combat, and it looks like there's going to be a good mix of projectile and collision-based gameplay mechanics to help flesh out the road fights so they feel (hopefully) as close to the movies as possible.

I'm not quite as excited for this Mad Max game as I am Mario Kart 8 or Watch Dogs, but maybe if we get more gameplay that view will change.

You can learn more about the upcoming Mad Max title for Xbox One, PS4 and PC by paying a kind visit to the official website. There's no final release date set for this title, but according to a post on Gamespot, it looks like this new generation title has been pushed back to 2015.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.