There appears to be a relatively straightforward process many indie developers have been taking on lately where you head to Kickstarter to get some money for the game you want to make, and then you head to Steam's Greenlight so people will eventually want to buy your game once it gets finished. That's exactly what Simon Roth and Machine Studios are doing with the upcoming Maia.

The game originally landed on Kickstarter, with the sweet tune of success, managing to accrue £140,481 on a £100,042 funding goal, and doing so in good time. The game has now taken that crowd-funding momentum and is applying it to their Greenlight status on Steam.

Quite naturally, with Kickstarter the goal is to pitch an idea to make people want to invest in the project and see it grow and come to the marketplace. On Greenlight the goal is simply to show people what the Kickstarter money funded and why they'll want to buy it and share it with friends on Steam.

So what makes Maia worth buying on Steam's store and why would you want to share the news with friends? Well, according to Machine Studios' video and product description, it's because this game is like a mix of Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress (a popular pro-karma Reddit buzzword) fused with the aesthetics of a 1970s, mid-concept sci-fi film.

The gameplay itself centers around strategic colony management and growth. Players will explore the surrounding environment on the planet Maia, and seek to establish a new life there amongst all the hidden mysteries and potential dangers that lurk on the uncharted planet that rests twelve light years from Earth.

It's somewhat difficult to pinpoint how the actual gameplay works, other than saying that you expand the colony, you direct the members to research, scavenge and expand the living facilities and you may have to deal with unwanted intruders at some point.

If you're looking for a less brains-to-the-wall version of StarCraft or Gnomoria, then Maia could be a neat little lo-fi strategy game that fills that void.

You can upvote the title right now in hopes of seeing it greenlit by visiting the official Greenlight page.

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