Major Nelson Explains Xbox One Patch Delay, Fans Get Testy

The Xbox One's patch that was set to drop today, February 11th, has been delayed. The patch will arrive later on in the week, but it's not doing so without a bit of frustration from the gaming community.

Now Gamer spotted the comment from Major “Flip Switcher” Nelson, real name Larry Hryb, as he took to Reddit to address concerns and troubles with the Xbox One's February patch that was supposed to roll out as a precursor for the major March update, which in turn, is due out in time for the launch of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall.

According to Nelson, responding to a disgruntled gamer, he briefly explained the delay, stating...

“I don't have all the details - things are moving quickly and all the teams are working extra hard. I don't really like giving dates either. Too risky.”

The date for the first of two month-to-month patches that were going to roll out for the Xbox One had been detailed shortly after an internal leak went live, indicating that the Xbox One would be getting a major patch overhaul in March.

The major problem, however, is that Nelson's comments weren't enough. He was pressured as to why on Earth the Xbox One launched in such a disjointed and feature-famine state, lacking everything that the Xbox 360 did in spades. According to Nelson...

“We've got a lot of great stuff in store for Xbox One. It took years for the Xbox 360 to become a mature, feature laden platform. We've got the same long game planned for the Xbox One. “

Nnng! Wrong!

It did not take the Xbox 360 years to iterate from the OG Xbox. The 360 launched with EVERYTHING the OG Xbox had and then some. Heck, Reddit user Ninja Moomin sums it perfectly, saying...

“Sure - it's a journey. But Xbox One launched without features Xbox 360 did have in 2005/6... some of the very things today's update was supposed to give us. You took away controller preferences...too. It would be great to have more insight into why these decisions get made... or even what the process is for developing and releasing an update - i'm sure it's super complex and a lot of Xbox fans would love to see behind the curtain a bit more. “

This, this and more of this.

Ninja hits the nail on the head. The Xbox 360 launched with full custom soundtrack features for every game, right out of the box. The Xbox 360 had native UPnP support. The Xbox 360 could pump out HD content with playback as smooth as Tatiana Ali's one-two combo, without hiccups. The Xbox 360 launched with lite backwards compatibility so you could at least play Halo 2 and other big first, second and third-party titles from the OG Xbox to help flesh out the early launch drought. In fact, check out this list of games compatible with the Xbox 360, some of which were available right out of the gate, here on Microsoft's official website (opens in new tab). That's more than 460 games available on the 360. The Xbox 360 also had the ability to play system-link with the OG Xbox for LAN play. Where is that with the Xbox One? Oh right, it has no backwards compatible functionality!

I mean, seriously, WTF Microsoft?!

Some people might use the excuse that the Xbox One is x86 and the Xbox 360 was PowerPC based, but keep in mind that the OG Xbox was x86 based, so it wasn't like the Xbox 360 shared a common CPU architecture with its predecessor, by comparison.

The Xbox 360 absolutely wipes the floor with the Xbox One as far as feature-to-pricing ratio goes, when it originally launched back in 2005. Heck, if the Xbox 360 had launched side-by-side with the Xbox One last November, it probably would have kicked its butt back to the big tent on the Redmond campus where speakers with pre-recorded audio of people clapping can comfort the big black box that escaped a 1986 music video that was supposed to feature a Betamax.

The problem isn't that the patch was delayed, the problem is that the Xbox One has come in behind the curve in an embarrassing way. Heck, it doesn't even do TV on your TV the way it was advertised.

This $500 device, at the moment, is an incompetent Jack of all trades and king of none. Microsoft really needs to make up their mind as to what they want the console to be... heck they should have decided on that before releasing it.

The thing that burns most Xbox fans, including myself, is that everything that made the first two generations of the Xbox brand so freaking awesome is no where to be seen in the core functionality of the Xbox One.

Pro-Xbox One Advice: Microsoft needs to ease up, slow their role and take this step by step. They need to stop doing silly marketing stunts, spewing pointless prattle and flabbing at the digital gums in the form of feckless texts. Instead, they need to focus on setting up a keen direction for the Xbox One, because right now it doesn't have one. Is it supposed to be a media device? Then unleash DLNA support ASAP. Is this supposed to be a games machine? Gut the OS, free up resources and dedicate every cycle to enabling developers to make the most of it. Is it supposed to be Kinect focused? Ensure that the device works and works well when it's supposed to, and implement Kinect-only features into games that matter.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.