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You can't stop the Nintendoom train of anti-hype. It's too powerful. It's like some giant, barreling, mega-monolith of epic, hateful proportions; a twisted, disgusting locomotive of unwieldy momentum.

Thankfully, there is one thing that can derail the Nintendoom train and it's called positive Wii U sales. How will this be accomplished? Easy. The Wii U just has to move off store shelves with good software, just like crack moves out of a dealer's hand when standing around Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford.

If you head on over to Amazon's Best Sellers list, which is updated by the hour, you can see that the two games due for launch at the end of May -- Mario Kart 8 and Ubisoft's most pre-ordered new IP, Watch Dogs -- are fighting hard for the top spots, but despite the fact that more people have a PlayStation 4, Mario Kart 8 is cleaning house like a Cuban refugee. Check it out in the image below.

Mm, mm, mm. Look at all of that Mario Kart 8 goodness, surrounded by a bunch of gift cards that mommy and daddy are buying for little Timmy who wanted a PS4 after browsing through Neogaf and getting enticed by all those mindfully delectable propaganda pieces.

Even still, the pro-hype train for the PS4 and the anti-hype train of Nintendoom isn't enough to keep theBig 'N' down. It'll take a lot more than angry, gift-card-wielding members of the blue brand to hold back the moustache-wearing minority and his family. All the threats of doom and the signs of underpoweredness have no effect on the positive power of brightness and fun that comes with the Big 'N' and their first-party titles.

In fact, reviewers – even the far-low ones deep in the plastic of the Doritocracy – have mentioned that Mario Kart 8 is blowing them away... hard, and not just because they paid for it.

The game rekindles all measures of nostalgic greatness through unrivaled visuals, incomparable amounts of multiplayer fun and deliciously sweet moments of competitive fun. That's not to mention that the 16 retro tracks redone in HD is a great treat for anyone who grew up on the timeless classic of Mario Kart 64.

But it's not all about the old and the stale, it's also about the new and the fresh. There are brand new vehicles, brand new tracks and brand new ways to get gamers to exercise the kind of hand-digit legerity that other games don't like to employ because it might make the casual audience actually have to work for a victory.

Mario Kart 8's ever-growing sales momentum preceding its launch has got to be Josh Grobin-style music to Nintendo's ears. I mean we're looking at a game that has crept up on sales charts since February, stalking the competition like Che Cruz stalking around Selena Gomez's house, or Hitler semite-crushing on Stefanie Isak.

Mario Kart 8 is due for exclusive release on the Wii U beginning May 30th. You can pre-order the game right now from Best Buy and get a $10 gift card, or grab the special bundle pack and get two controllers, a free game and the Wii U console all together.

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