During the Nintendo Direct presentation, the company revealed a new entry in the Mario And Luigi role-playing game series. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team will be hitting the 3DS this summer.

In Dream Team, Mario and his friends have traveled to scenic Pillo Island. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Peach is kidnapped and whisked away to a dream world. The game takes place half in the real world and half in this dream realm.

In the 3D real world, players will control Mario and Luigi and fight turn-based battles against enemies. The dream world is accessible when Luigi falls asleep. Mario will enter his brother's dreams and go it alone. In these dream levels, Mario will be assisted by dream Luigis. He can also poke Luigi in the real world to manipulate the dream world. For example, pulling his brother's mustache allows Mario to extend a platform in the dream.

Dream Team will arrive in Europe on July 12th. The North American launch will follow on August 11th. Japan is getting the game on July 18th, along with a themed 3DS XL.

Nintendo made a slew of announcements at today's Direct presentation. They revealed that Earthbound is coming to Virtual Console and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past is getting a sequel, among other things.

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