Rockstar Games and Marvel Custom Solutions have teamed up to create a three-part comic book series for Max Payne 3. The first issue, "After The Fall," will be released for free in the coming weeks.

The comics are being written by Rockstar's Dan Houser and Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake. Houser is the writer of the Max Payne 3, while Lake penned the first two games. The cover art was done by Greg Horn, who's worked on several Marvel franchises including Elektra and She-Hulk. Fernando Blanco of Marvel Zombies is handling pencil/ink duties.

"This original Max Payne 3 comic series will delve into Max's troubled past - exploring the events that occurred in and around both Max Payne and Max Payne 2, leading up to Max Payne 3 while also shedding new light on Max's early years," explains Rockstar.

It's been nine years since Max Payne 2 so no doubt series veterans need a refresher on the storyline. I'd imagine that there are a lot of prospective Max Payne 3 players who never tried the previous games. Hopefully these comics will give readers a good understanding of how Max becomes the bald, overweight mess that he is in MP3.

Issue #1 will be released on the Rockstar Newswire, official MP3 site and other digital comic outlets.

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