Mega Man Online, an MMORPG based on the classic side-scrolling series, may be dead and buried. A new report suggests that Korean developer NeoWiz has shelved the project permanently.

Cancellation rumors first began when NeoWiz announced some "internal restructuring" back in May. This restructuring was thought to have impacted Mega Man Online's development team. The lack of news on the game over the past six months was also cause for alarm.

Now Mega Man Online environment artist Kang Dong Hwa has revealed on his blog that the game he was working has been canned. He didn't mention the game by name, though. However, an inside source has told Mega Man Network that the development team for MMO has been disbanded.

Mega Man Online is the third game in the series cancelled in recent history. Capcom scuttled a retro-style platformer called Mega Man Universe back in March 2011. Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS was cancelled in July of that year.

While we may never get our hands on Mega Man Online, the project lives on in some of Kang's concept art. Check it out below.

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