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Metal Gear Solid 5 DLC Includes Horse Armor

The full list of costumes and pricing for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DLC has been announced and, yes, the collection includes a suit of horse armor.

In case you’re not sure why horse armor DLC is relevant, you likely missed out on the whole debacle where Bethesda tried to charge a questionable amount of money for similar DLC way back when The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the hottest RPG going. Most developers/publishers were pretty new to the idea of post-launch content at the time, not to mention the players who were being asked to spend additional money for stuff like cosmetic items. So when they were being asked to drop $2.50 on a suit of shiny plating for their four-legged steed, folks obviously responded poorly.

But fear not, as it looks like DLC for Metal Gear Solid V is at least one area where Konami doesn’t appear to be actively trying to tick off the games community. A set of seven pieces of cosmetic DLC have been revealed so far and, according to the listing on (opens in new tab), each one will set you back a buck.

As for that horse armor, DLC includes Western and Parade Tack for D-Horse, meaning you can make your battlefield companion look like he was pulled straight out of Red Dead Redemption or the homecoming parade; your call.

Both Snake and the controversially-clad Quiet will also get a few sets of spiffy new duds. Snake can now don a James Bond-esque suit, the same basic fatigues he wore in Snake Eater, as well as the sneaking suit from that game. Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 3, Quiet’s outfits are pulled from the same game, including jumpsuits that mirror both The Boss and EVA. They’re both still pretty revealing, but at least they’re a little more combat-ready than the bathing suit she’s currently running around in.

The pricing for the DLC caps off a busy news day for Metal Gear Solid V, as the launch of Metal Gear Online occurred yesterday alongside the introduction of another in-game microtransaction that lets you insure your resources in the event of another player’s attack. Unlike the cosmetic DLC, fans of the game are pretty up in arms about that last one, since it seems like a pretty cruddy way to make a buck off of folks who want to protect their in-game resources and still enjoy the game’s online options.

At this point, we have to wonder if this will be the end of DLC for The Phantom Pain. Some of the team has been kept onboard to keep things running smoothly through patches and online maintenance, but it sounds like Konami is officially done with developing new content for the game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.