Dear citizen, Microsoft has called upon you to serve and protect the online environment of their lauded premium multiplayer service, Xbox Live. Those who meet eligibility will be prompted to enroll within the new Enforcement United initiative, in which esteemed members of the online gaming community will be rewarded with the ability to help curb the rising online criminal force known as a troll.

Forbes' Paul Tassi writes about the requirements and benefits of serving your regional online gaming provider, and how the community will see great improvements in the way online gaming environments foster and grow positivity and less emotionally charged negativity from competitive online gaming.

As noted on the official Xbox Live Enforcement website...
We’ve heard feedback from Xbox Live members that they want ways to positively shape their experience on the service, and we feel this is a great way to get involved. Members who join the beta program will be able to track their progress on Xbox Community Level, earning recognition and leveling up for contributing to the Xbox Live community.

Those of you who are able and integral members of your online gaming society are encouraged to register for enrollment to see if your Gamertag is eligible to become an esteemed member of the Xbox Live Justice Force.

Keep in mind that only the highest quality gamers will be qualified through the rigorous criteria to become a respected ambassador of goodwill gaming. Microsoft will ensure that only a pantheon of prefects will make the ranks of their new Xbox Live behavioral task force.

Gamers promoting and propagating toxic behavior will be monitored and flagged, and the new ambassadors of goodwill gaming will be able to administer righteous justice on behalf of Microsoft. Trolls, foul-mouthed players, sexists, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, fascists and bigots will no longer be tolerated on Xbox Live and Microsoft is taking the extra step to remove all unsavory types of human beings from playing on the service.

Only the most pure and clean players will be welcome in the new Xbox Live environment, and gamers are encouraged to maintain a pristine presence in the competitive online gaming service.

This new measure of community policing coincides with the new call to arms against trolls and the reputation system aimed at curtailing toxic online behavior. The reputation system will effectively pool only the worst of the criminal offenders together into online sessions, and this will be helped along by the new Microsoft Enforcement Ambassadors who will monitor and tag players who have inappropriate Gamertags, information in their biographies or have been flagged by others for immature, hostile, or publicly disruptive behavior.

Good citizen, your beginner trials in online policing of Xbox Live will be simple enough. Those of you who enroll and qualify to join Enforcement United will start out with simple Gamertag patrols and with the proper work and effort, there are opportunities to evolve and become promoted to a higher level within the Enforcement United ranks.

The call of duty beckons all who are willing to serve the call to arms against the menace known as a troll. Those of you who feel obligated to fulfill your duty as a righteous member of the Xbox Live community, feel free to step up to the plate and perform the patriotic task of enrolling in the Enforcement United initiative right now.

Good citizens, the Enforcement United service awaits your response! Enroll right now over on the official Enforcement United website.
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