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Microsoft's Xbox One GamesCom Conference Won't Be Public

[Update: New video of the Xbox One's private press event has now been made available for everyone to see]

There will be no live-stream for the Xbox One at GamesCom. There will be no public press conference that gamers and press alike will be able to partake in to comment, praise or criticize Microsoft's every move regarding the Xbox One. It's like that butthurt boxer who refuses to show up to the weigh-in because during the initial announcement he punched himself in his groin and knocked himself out.

Gamepur – a small site trying to rise above the label of “blogspam” – caught wind of a small tweet from Geoff Keighley who stated the following...

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Well okay, then.

One person notes that there will be a press meeting because they were invited, to which the Dorito Pope corrects the little man, noting that it will be a “showcase event”.

We reported before that Microsoft would be hosting a conference for the Xbox One. Like many others out there, we were under the impression that it would be another live-streamed event so that everyone would get to see their re-reveal of the Xbox One, hoping to win back over the audience that they alienated twice, at both the May 21st reveal and at E3 in early June.

However, Keighley's tweet does put into perspective something that had been a bit hazy since the original press announcement that Microsoft would be attending GamesCom: Many people thought that there wouldn't be a press conference because Microsoft never explicitly clarified.

I believe that Microsoft is making a grave mistake here given that they need all the positive press they can get heading into the holiday season. While everyone hated on them for those industry-ending policies that they were peddling for the digitally protuberant Xbox One, they at least have an opportunity to talk up all the reversals and at least assuage some of the community concerns by showcasing that they're much more down to Earth and respectful of the gaming community than how most people view them.

Shuttering the conference to a close-doors affair with no live-stream is a huge step in the wrong direction and sends the continued message that Microsoft is neither confident nor concerned enough with the community to properly sell gamers on the idea of the Xbox One without coming off as if the agenda is 100% related to controlling the market rather than bringing a viable media platform to consumers. I mean, who cares if the GamesCom crowd would boo out the Xbox One like at EVO 2013, they need to win back the gamers!

Hopefully whatever they have to show off during their closed-door conference will be something that makes gamers proud to say they're an Xbox fanboy... because right now the Xbox camp is just kind of viewed as a bunch of misguided Stockholm Syndrome victims.

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