Xbox One Gets Booed Out Of EVO While Demoing Killer Instinct

During this year's EVO tournament, some brand new media content has arrived for the Xbox One's exclusive fighting game from Double Helix, the same developers that brought you G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Green Lantern and Silent Hill Homecoming.

However, it wasn't all fake hype and press propaganda for Killer Instinct and the Xbox One. Interestingly enough, the Double Helix and Mad Catz guys were on hand at EVO 2013 this year to pimp the upcoming fightstick accessories and the highly anticipated fighting game, Killer Instinct, which made its debut at this year's largest video game trade show event, E3. However, the one thing the developers and peripheral manufacturer did not expect was to get booed clean off the stage once they mentioned the Xbox One.

As many of you know, the gaming community is not warmed at all to the Xbox One, especially core gamers. The real movers and shakers in our interactive entertainment industry don't like corporate butt stamping, and that's exactly what Microsoft aimed to do with the original Xbox One policies: You bought one, your butt belonged to them.

While Microsoft took measures to reverse their policies for the Xbox One, the damage was already done. Gamers turned their salt into righteous anger and they reversed the situation to make Microsoft salty by pre-ordering a bunch of PS4s and making them sell out like condoms during the Olympics.

Unfortunately for Double Helix and Mad Catz representatives, Markman and Filthy Rich, were met with a lot of hostility toward the Xbox One, even though the gameplay for Killer Instinct itself looked pretty good, some of which you can view in the video below.

Despite the crowd being moderately accepting of Killer Instinct, the fact that they were booing the Xbox One at such a core-event like EVO 2013 speaks volumes about what gamers actually feel about the console. These weren't casuals, these weren't grandpas and grandmas buying consoles for little Timmy, these are the big Timmies. These are the first adopters and the ones that create market share for consoles during the holiday season and they are not digging the Xbox One at all!

That's not to mention that you had stream comments rolling in with a bunch of people saying “Xbox Off! Xbox Off!”... the next popular comment was “When is this launching on PC?”, obviously in reference to many of the Xbox One games at E3 running on PCs, although it should be noted that Killer Instinct was one of the few games that actually ran on an Xbox One dev kit.

You can check out the live streams of the grand finals right now by clicking this link.

[Update: The video has been embedded below. It's about to get real salty in here with the fanboys]

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.