Midway Arcade Origins Open For Business On Xbox 360, PS3

It occurs to me that, for many younger gamers, the movie Wreck-it Ralph may have been their only exposure to classic arcades. While watching a movie about arcade games is great, it really doesn’t convey that special feeling you get from playing those classic cabinet games for yourself. That’s why I think it’s awesome, then, that Backbone is today releasing Midway Arcade Origins, offering 31 classic games on one disc for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Though not the first arcade compilation to hit the market, Midway Arcade Origins certainly looks to offer the most complete package. Within the menu, each game features a model of its original arcade cabinet as well as the game’s marquee. The games themselves are said to look, play and sound exactly like their 1980’s originals. Each game also features its own wallpaper while playing, each cabinet’s original artwork.

There are two game modes on offer, including Score Attack and Free Play. Score Attack features online leaderboards and tasks players to do the best they can in each game on just a single credit. Free Play opens up the game entirely, giving access to all timer and difficulty options, as well as the ability to play with endless credits.

Finally, each game also offers a modern filter that gives them a smoother look, though you don’t have to turn that option on if you want to play each game in all of its pixelated glory. And, of course, there will be Trophies and Achievement to unlock.

Midway Arcade Origins hits store shelves today for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The 31 games included will set you back $29.99. Check out the list of games below.



-Arch Rivals


-Championship Sprint

-Tournament Cyberball 2072



-Gauntlet 2


-Joust 2

-Marble Madness

-Pit Fighter


-Robotron: 2084

-Rootbeer Tapper

-Satan’s Hollow


-Smash TV

-Spy Hunter

-Spy Hunter 2


-Super Off-Road

-Super Sprint


-Total Carnage

-Vindicators Part II

-Wizard of Wor



Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.