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Mojang was supposed to release Update 1.4 for Minecraft on Wednesday. However, they've decided to delay 1.4, also known as the "Pretty Scary Update," due to a number of glitches.

"There was a big issue causing mobs to suffocate and fall through wooden floors that we really needed to fix," read a new post on the development blog. Other bugs including Redstone Repeaters staying "on" permanently and bats spawning too often. Less pressing bugs, like "wet wolves looking too scary" are also being addressed.

The Pretty Scary Update, in honor of Halloween, adds several new monsters. Players will have to face off against witches, Wither skeletons, and a three-headed Wither boss. Zombies and skeletons will occasionally spawn with equipment and use it in battle as well.

The patch's changes extend far beyond new monsters, though. Anvils for combining or repairing items, revamped portals and new decorative items are among the other additions. Furthermore, the game will now feature better villager A.I. and easier mod downloading.

Mojang now expects to release the Pretty Scary Update on Thursday. However, you can download the pre-release build here if you don't want to wait.

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