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Minecraft Gamers Make A Working 8-Bit Computer Inside Minecraft

Talk about a meta-game. Two Minecraft aficionados have gone and done the unthinkable: they've recreated an 8-bit Redstone computer inside of Minecraft that can perform simple computational tasks. That is, by all accounts, insane.

Examiner's Scott Grill managed to get hold of the story from Reddit, where two Redditors going by the handles "sondre99v" and "Azzi777" talked about the progress and procedures in getting a meta-computer operating inside of Mojang's emergent survival simulator.

Truncating the technical geek-speak, Azzi777 explained...

We're using a 6-bit instruction set.Where most operations are centered around the accumulator.Output operations can be things like writing to the display, writing to memory, jumping to a line in the program and so on. Input operations are typically ALU operations, reading memory or user input.... we're kind of making the design up as we go.

The Examiner lists the actual design code for eager coders to pore over, explaining the input and output functions, which includes actually displaying minimal functions within Minecraft.

In simple terms, two computer geeks used Minecraft to make a virtual computer within the game world, the computer actually uses real-world computational tasks and can display and operate as an 8-bit computer within Minecraft. For super-geeks, they've basically established the first iteration of The Grid. Now we just need someone to make CLU 1.0 and Tron, and we're good to go.

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