Minecraft Player Recreates Star Trek's USS Voyager

The dedication of Minecraft players to their projects continues to amaze me. The latest show of devotion comes from a player who recreated the USS Voyager from Star Trek complete with its interior.

"It took a little over two years," the creator, Maravrin, said on Reddit. "When i started I was in survival mode using an inventory editor... Thankfully I was able to switch into creative a little after it came out."

Maravrin originally planned to make a miniature model of the Voyager. Obviously, he got a bit carried away. After building the frame, he decided to construct the interior as well. It now boasts several amenities, including a shuttle bay, warp core, and hydroponics farm. The teleporters even work.

"I really wanted one I could walk around in. Not all areas are as fully completed as I would like but i will finish them... eventually."

Once he completely finishes work on Voyager, Maravrin says he may move onto other ships. Don't expect a Borg cube or anything quite so massive, though. Any future ships he makes will be "likely be much smaller." For example, he may make a Klingon Bird of Prey.

If you want to enter the Voyager yourself, you can find the PC and Mac download links for the texture pack and world save here. While other people might be overly protective of a two-year project, he's surprisingly nonchalant about sharing it with the world.

"Yes as some of you have pointed out I am aware that people might steal this and claim it as their own... to that I say, whatever. Some people will always act like that. I would rather provide it to make you guys happy. So enjoy. Also you may find some walls that are not all the way built up. feel free to finish up. I was in a rush to provide you guys the link and didn't get to finish everything 100%. Thanks again!"

A video of the Voyager's creation is below along with a few screenshots. You can find more images here.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.