Lots of console gamers finally got the chance to experience build-a-world game Minecraft thanks to a recent release on Xbox LIVE Arcade and, today, that experience is being improved with additional features and a truckload of fixes.

Play XBLA made the official announcement yesterday, letting controller-toting 'Crafters in on all the details just 24 hours before the patch went live. Which, in case the math is getting a little confusing, is right meow.

In Minecraft, players explore a randomly generated world, mine for useful materials, build structures and craft items. There are monsters to kill, animals to trap in glass prisons, and the ability to build pretty much anything you can imagine.

For those who already own Minecraft for the 360, you will be automatically alerted to the new update next time you try to boot up the game.

New features include an autosave function, enhanced sensitivity controls, a Gamertag display in splitscreen, the ability to turn off hints and tooltips, and more.

The list of fixes is pretty long, but includes adjustments to various bits and pieces of the game, like clay generation, menu fixes, fram-rate and graphical tweaks, etc.

For the full list, check out the Play XBLA site. For the more adventurous, you could just download the patch and play a rousing game of “figure out what they changed.” Either way, it's good to see the game getting some prompt console support.

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