MotoGP 14 Dev Explains Why The Game Isn't 60fps On PS4

One of the big debates these days within many gaming circles is whether or not games are running at 1080p and 60 frames per second. If you have a PC made within the last two years, this isn't much of an issue as most games that are run through Steam are automatically scaled to that resolution (and usually auto-optimized on start-up to hit a stable frame-rate). On consoles, however, 1080p and 60fps isn't an option that users can manipulate or modify, it's fixed and it's based on how the developers design a game.

In the case of MotoGP 14 from Milestone S.r.l, the game is running at native 1920 x 1080p on the PlayStation 4... but it's only 30 frames per second instead of 60 frames per second. Why? Well, the developer explains.

Gaming Bolt managed to reach out to Milestone to find out why the game has the resolution factor going for it on the PlayStation 4 but not the frame-rate to match.

According to the game director of MotoGP Andrea Basilio, he stated that...

“The PS4 version is running 30FPS on 1080p, because we really want to ensure our players with a stable and visually rich experience. MotoGP is also featuring a maximum of 34 bikes together on the track which is not bad at all,”

This is one of the major issues that come into play when measuring performance versus graphics output versus gameplay features. Which one is acceptable to give up so the other can shine?

While the PlayStation 4 is definitely the most powerful console of the three eighth generation home devices, the console still has limitations.

In this case, should the developers have opted for 60 frames per second at the risk of having to lower the game's rider count? Or would it have been better to lower the resolution while maintaining both 60 frames per second and 34 riders on-screen at once?

Previously, the developer of the indie game OlliOlli mentioned that frame-rate is king for the home consoles and should be the main target for developers aiming to bring a smooth and enjoyable experience to life.

In the case of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, the resolution posed a problem on the Xbox One given that in both cases the console was rendering the game screen at less than half the pixel rate of a 1080p, full HD display.

Even still, in the case of MotoGP, the game is running that middle ground where 30fps may or may not be acceptable depending on the overall performance of the game. If the 30fps is hard-locked then I don't think many gamers will complain. If the 30fps is variable with drops, then that will easily dampen the overall experience for most players, considering that most gamers would prefer a consistent and uninterrupted gameplay experience. This is something Bungie is definitely hoping to deliver with Destiny on the Xbox One, since it'll be running at 1080p and 30fps.

You can pick up a copy of MotoGP 14 right now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.