Mountain Dew, Doritos Challenged For Supremacy By MRI's Black Powder Ultra

Gamer Fuel... it's a term that resonates well within the community as the addictive source of inspiration and energized stability to keep your focus on point. Mountain Dew and Doritos are currently the kings of the Doritocracy, both with gamers and gaming journalists alike, providing that gamer fuel that gamers need to game on. Well, a new challenger has entered the arena and it's called Black Powder Ultra from MRI. This is not a joke...this stuff is real.

The Natrol Incorporated subsidiary wants to get in on the energy substance game and they're bringing their BPU with them. So what is Black Powder Ultra? Well, it's a performance enhancing supplement... the kind that helps "improve" a gamer's capability for throwing down legit skills against opponents.

Grace Manzano, Director of Marketing, Sports Nutrition commented about the new substance, saying...

“The event is held the same weekend as the now notorious Comic-Con convention, and boasts 60 hours of intense gaming sessions and tournaments, so MRI is thrilled to help competitors power through their own epic battles,” ... “With Black Powder Ultra, they’ll notice that they’ve amped up their playability, and depending on the game, maybe even turned into high performance cyber-fighting machines!”

Hmm, I didn't think it was possible to intake a substance and amp up your gaming abilities, engaging in high performance supplements to increase your digital gaming capabilities, but it looks like MRI managed to find a way to make it happen.

I wonder if this means that they'll start doing drug testing at the next big eSports event to cut down on those who may have taken too many supplements to over-enhance their interactive entertainment excellence?

Well, I'm guessing we're a few years off from having any Marion Jones-type scandals rock the gaming community. Besides, I would imagine more eSports organizers would be worried about thumb-roids rather than energy boosters. I mean, can you imagine what a gamer could do with thumbs the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger's hands? Yeah... totally cheap.

Gam3rCon founder Brian Bielawski had some thoughts to share on the situation as well, saying...

“As soon as MRI came on board as a title sponsor, I started drinking Black Powder Ultra. I noticed immediate benefits in my workouts, and I was able to focus better while gaming for longer periods of time. And the best part of all, I love how it tastes! I’d rather sip on this than any other drink out there. I am very much looking forward to introducing Black Powder Ultra to the gaming community at Gam3rCon.”

This is some crazy stuff right here. I didn't think it would be necessary to have some form of video game supplemental enhancers, but here we are. Anyway, while the Black Powder Ultra probably won't improve your chances with the ladies, remove the pimples, give you any ripped muscles or put you on your way to looking like Stallone or Stathom, at least your inner gamer soul will be pumped up with enough nutrients to make your daily routine of vitamins jealous of all the amped up gamer fuel flowing through your veins.

If gaming like a hardcore legend is what you need in your life, then you can learn more about muscling up your game by visiting the official MRI website. I have no idea who would buy this, but then again, gamer fuel became a thing thanks to the promo image from the Dorito Pope below.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.