Geoff Keighley Hammers Nintendo's President On Lack Of Wii U Games

Hot dang, the Dorito Pope went bat-crazy pious on Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime. The Pope dropped some questions on the prez like he was dropping heathens during the Spanish Inquisition. The 10 minute video can be a gruesome thing to watch like the Catholic Church commencing a cleansing on Pagans during the dark ages; I'm warning you might want to put the kids to bed for this one.

I know we all give Keighley a tough time in the gaming community for being a sellout and a corporate sock puppet, especially after he was pimping Riley the dog from Activision's pre-E3 Call of Duty: Ghost Dog conference, much in the same way that Snoop Dogg pimps hash like it's 1979, but I have to give my due props to the Pope on this one. He nailed it hard and brought it home when he was drilling Reggie like a concerned consumer drilling a used car salesman who has a backlot full of broke down Pintos.

During Gametrailers all-access coverage, Geoff managed to get in some time with the Nintendo executive and ask some unfiltered, unadulterated questions about Nintendo's position in the market, and Reggie had some interesting things to say while playing the defense card.

Even though the big man had his back up against the wall, he wanted gamers to know that Nintendo may have been hit in the knee with an arrow of bad publicity, but they were still in the fight to win it with their stellar line-up of exclusive titles. Responding to Keighley about why Nintendo should be considered a winner of the E3 conferences, Reggie said...

Play. The. Game. [smacks hands together for each word].Play. The. Game. [smacks hands again]That's what it's all about. It's all about the games and the experiences. So when people are sitting back and trying to grade how people performed, I would say 'Did our games surprise, delight, put a smile on people's face, drive pre-sales at our [participating] retailers, were they excited about the content?' If they were then we've done our job.…We're confident that when consumers play the game they're going to be excited; they're going to want to get the game.

It was like an annoyed dad trying to explain to his curious and befuddled son why he spends so much time at the Eager Beaver and on booze, and how it's necessary to work hard to be able to afford to go there, even if it doesn't benefit the family all that much.'s not really the same thing but that's kind of how Reggie explained it to Geoff in the video.

To the benefit of Nintendo, I do have to say that Mario Kart 8 and Monolith Soft's open-world title for the Wii U both look amazing, and Monolith's game could easily be a breakout hit for the Big 'N' in 2014 if they get their bearings on right and hammer in a solid release date.

Also, Nintendo doesn't have to worry too much because Microsoft has been selling Wii U's like they were going out of style since May 21st, 2013. So it's all good.

We'll keep you posted on additional news for all things gaming as they roll out of E3. Huge props to the Dorito Pope for holding back nothing when peppering the Big 'N's big chief on their big E3 rollout.

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