EA Sports announced today that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving will be the cover athlete for NBA Live 14. Irving is a former Rookie of the Year who was named to the Eastern Conference's All-Star team this year.

There hasn't been a new NBA Live since Live 10. EA tried to revamp the series with NBA Elite 11, which featured dramatically different controls. However, prior to release the company decided the game was unsatisfactory and cancelled the console editions. Only an iOS version was released. They likewise scrapped NBA Live 13 because, again, it wasn't up to snuff.

"Making great games is not easy, and we’re just not there yet on NBA Live 13,” EA’s Andrew Wilson said when that game was cancelled. "And rather than launch midway through the season, we’re going to sit out the full year and stay focused on making next year’s game great."

Kyrie Irving seems like a great choice for the cover. In addition to being a talented point guard, he has experience reviving moribund franchises. He's given hope and star power to a post-LeBron Cavaliers team sorely lacking both. They're not a playoff team just yet but their win count has been improving with each season he's been there. Their future looks a lot better than it did in the immediate aftermath of The Decision.

“I’m so proud to be the face of this franchise as it makes its much-anticipated return,” Irving said. “I’ve been on the court with the development team and I’ve seen first-hand some of the amazing things EA Sports is doing with NBA Live 14. The fans are going to love it.”

Live 14 introduces new bounceTek ball physics to give players greater control over the action. The game will also utilize the new EA Sports Ignite engine to deliver better A.I. and animation among other things. EA promises to announce the game modes and other features of Live 14 soon as well.

EA will release Live 14 this fall on the Xbox One and PS4. The game won't be appearing on current-gen consoles or handhelds. It seems that EA's trying to leave NBA Live's troubled generation behind them and start a brand-new era.

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