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Prepare for an onslaught of mobile renditions of popular upcoming console titles from Namco Bandai Games, as the company announced that the integration between Namco Networks and Namco Bandai Games is now complete. The integration went underway last year in August with a few games getting the multiplatform mobile treatment, such as Splatterhouse and Puzzle Quest 2 ending up on iOS devices in addition to their home console releases.

According to the Vice President of Marketing for Namco Bandai Games America Inc., Carlson Choi…
“We've already made Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima accessible on mobile devices and More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima available on mobile, Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS platforms. To continue the momentum around the Dr. Kawashima Brain franchise, Body and Brain Connection will launch Feb. 8 exclusively for Kinect, for Xbox 360, controller-free games and entertainment, with Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima 3 launching later this year on Java, BREW, iPhone and iPad.”

Adjusting with the times, I see. It’s a smart move by Namco to keep up with the transition of sales accumulated from casual gamers via mobile devices, definitely making them more competitive with the current king of the mobile gaming division, Nintendo.

You can learn more about the benefits for gamers of the integration between Namco Networks and Namco Bandai by visiting the Official Website.

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