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The massive, multiplayer-online role-playing shooter game Nether has been updated to include some nifty new features.

Phosphor Games' S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-esque shooter is still in the Early Access phase of development, which means that it's still being iterated and worked on until it hits something that resembles a finished product. However, gamers can buy into the development of the game and basically alph/beta test up until the game is finished.

Phosphor released a new trailer to let gamers know that the game has been updated with some brand new content, including motorcycles, the ability to craft and trade items – perfect for those of you who are gun-deficient but you have the skills and materials to make your own firearm – as well as the new creature mode, which enables players to become one with the Nether. Check it out in the new update trailer below.

I have to say, the game reminds me a heck of a lot of Ubisoft's upcoming The Division. The urban setting and dark atmosphere really lend itself well to the game's horror-themed vibe.

Now, I can't speak too much on behalf of how “awesome” or “cool” Nether is because I haven't played it. The game could be a broken pile of crap for all I know, but at least the screenshots and videos seem to indicate that it's somewhat of a playable experiment with the emergent MMO, survival genre.

As noted in the press release, Chip Sineni, creative director at Phosphor Games, stated that...
“The main focus of any survival game is to see how long someone can last before biting the dust, but what makes for a rich playing experience are added elements that challenge players on another level,” ... “With creature mode and crafting, we are giving players these added components that not only make surviving more exciting, but also gives fans new ways to explore the city.”

I kind of like the premise and setup of the game. It definitely feels like a slightly more fleshed out concept than games like Rust or 7 Days to Die. Now don't get it twisted, I plan to add the two aforementioned titles to my library at some point, it does seem like they aren't quite as focused on a conceptual direction as something like Nether.

The game's kill or be-killed paradigm could be another added fun-factor over the long haul, and I haven't properly checked the general community feedback on the game to see how well it's working out. While a lot of people complain about the Kill on Sight in DayZ, it is an added element to the survival layer that makes every encounter and risk and a story all its own. I'm curious if Nether has that same sort of depth to its player-encounters or is it all just shoot or be shot once someone leaves the safe zone?

Anyway, you can scope the game out right now on Steam's store. As usual, be warned that the game is still in Early Access. Heck, they just had a character wipe on February 4th, so... yeah.
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