The most challenging dungeon in MMORPG Neverwinter is currently the Whispering Caverns. A new trailer from Perfect World Entertainment provides a glimpse at this high-level adventure.

The Whispering Caverns are located in the Underdark, a vast underground network of caves and tunnels. Players will encounter the sinister drow as well as the psychic squid-people known as the illithid. They're not the only dangers in the Underdark, though. It's said that a mysterious evil is contained deep within the caverns.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play game set within the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Players will travel to the titular city, currently on the brink of destruction after a series of crises. From there, they'll embark on adventures to rid the land of evils such as orcs, bandits and ghost pirates.

Perfect World launched the open beta for Neverwinter on April 30th. You can sign up and download the game client at the official website.

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