The latest trailer for free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter focuses on the titular city. Neverwinter might be known as the "Jewel of the North" but it's seen much better days.

The city is still recovering from two major disasters. The Spellplague, a disruption in the forces of magic, killed many wizards and radically reshaped the world. Mount Hotenow, a volcano near the city, erupted and killed thousands of residents.

Neverwinter is currently being rebuilt, with Lord Neverember leading efforts to defend the city from various threats. He has his work cut out for him. Blacklake District is home to violent rebels. The ruins of Castle Never are overrun by undead and other evils.

Players of Neverwinter are adventurers in search of riches and glory. They'll attempt to drive out the city's many dangers. They will also venture outside the city to fight ghost pirates and more. Players can even use a toolset to create their own adventures.

Neverwinter is currently in closed beta. You can secure access to the beta testing, as well as various in-game extras, by purchasing a Founder or Guardian Pack.

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