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The Oscars aren't the only film awards being doled out this weekend. Nintendo has decided to get in on the fun by announcing their own film awards.

All of their awards are based on a Nintendo game or character. For example, they have a Smash Award for best fight scene and an Ocarina of Time Award for best music. Rather than hosting a 5-hour ceremony, Nintendo announced their picks through a series of images. Here a few examples of their film awards:

Honorary Birdo Award

Samus Aran Award

Star Fox Award

You can see the other four in the gallery below.

Nintendo's film awards share some similarities with the Oscars. For example, Gone Girl got snubbed. That seems like an easy fix. Nintendo could've made Princess Zelda award for best missing female character or a Metro: Last Light award for best film based on a novel. I suppose a film about abduction is a bit too morbid for Nintendo, though.

The LEGO Movie was likewise shut out of Nintendo's awards and the Oscars. That's baffling in both cases. C'mon, what's not to like about that movie? It's family-friendly, hilarious and has catchy music. At the very least, it should've beaten out Whiplash for that Ocarina of Time Award.

The 2015 Oscars will be aired on ABC tonight. Coverage starts at 7pm Eastern while the actual awards kick off at 8.

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