Just Add Water finally gave everyone a glimpse at their HD remake of Oddworld Abe's Oddysee. The first screenshots shows the substantial improvements that have been made to the puzzle platformer's visuals.

JAW is redoing Oddysee's visuals with a 3D graphics engine. It's still a 2D side-scroller, though, so there's a limit to how flashy they could really make it look. There's still a strong resemblance to the original game, even if the details and clarity are much higher.

In Oddysee, players take on the role of an unassuming Mudokon named Abe. He and the other members of his race are slaves to a meat processing corporation called RuptureFarms. When Abe learns that the company is going to turn the Mudokons into a new meat product, he decides to free his race. Using his magical abilities and wits, players must rescue other Mudokons and avoid death at the hands of Oddworld's various hazards.

Oddworld HD is expected next summer. The game's platforms haven't been announced yet.

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