This news should come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone who has put in any amount of consistent play-time into Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve. One of the monsters who wrecks hard and dominates even harder is getting nerfed.

Destructoid has word that Turtle Rock will be updating the first-person, asymmetrical multiplayer game and toning down the over-poweredness of the Wraith, the monster that requires an almost ungodly amount of skill on the hunter's side to take down.

Over on the official Evolve website, there's a list of new changes being made in patch 1.3 for Evolve, with a prime focus being on balancing out the Wraith, who has the ability to create a decoy, go invisible, unleash massive blast damage and generally float around stages at blinding speeds, making it next to nigh impossible for any team that isn't perfectly coordinated to do any sort of damage. As mentioned on the website...
“If you’ve felt Wraith’s wrath or wished that Hyde’s Toxic Grenade could provide more ground control, we’ve been listening – and testing out the new balancing in the Evolve 1.3 Patch.”

They've opted to add an additional two seconds to the cooldown of Decoy, so it will take just a tad bit longer to get it out. I don't know if Decoy was one of those skills where the cooldown really affected it, so much as the fact that once you use Decoy, only the most adept hunters would know how to track the real Wraith.

The warp speed for the Wraith is also being reduced by 25%, so it won't be able to travel around the arenas quite as quickly. The Warp Blast has the speed reduced by 40%, and the range for the blast can no longer be leveled... the radius, however, can be leveled up. To compensate for some of these changes the damage has been increased by 10%.

The team also decreased the duration of Supernova, the attack that can pretty much wreck an entire hunter team in one go. How much has Supernova been reduced in its duration? By half.

Evolve's most dangerous monster wasn't the only one taking some hits. Some of the other monsters and characters in Turtle Rock Studios' first-person shooter have also received some tender, love and care.

The Kraken received some minor buffs and resistant upgrades, and all the monsters have received minor maintenance and optimization improvements.

Some of the hunters in Evolve also managed to receive a few tweaks and fixes as well. A few damage reduction rates here and there, and a few stat modifications tossed in for good measure.
Evolve's betas way back in the day, it was pretty obvious the Wraith was just simply too over-powered. If this was maybe an 8 vs 1 game, I think the Wraith in its current form before patch 1.3 would be about perfect. But against just four hunters? Nah, no dice.

That's not to say that people haven't been able to defeat the Wraith in Evolve, it's just that it's kind of a rarity if they do... or at least, I'm sure it feels that way for most players.

The patch for Evolve is available right now on PC and will arrive next week for the Xbox One and the PS4.
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