Focus Home Interactive has sent out a batch of screenshots for their new role-playing game Of Orcs And Men. Orcs is a multiplatform role-playing game that puts an interesting twist on the usual fantasy tale.

Mankind and orcs are engaged in a massive war. You don't play a human, though. Instead, you take on the role of an orc warrior sent to kill humanity's Emperor. A stealthy goblin assassin will assist you in your journey.

Orcs and Men is a collaboration between Spiders and Cyanide Studio. Spiders, meanwhile, is handling the "realization and development." They're the ones who made the shiny new graphics engine. Cyanide, who recently released a Game of Thrones RPG, is said to be responsible for the "concept and production."

I'm a Horde player in WoW so any game that puts you into the role of "greenskins" is alright in my book. The graphics look pretty impressive, as well. Might be a game worth keeping your eye on.

Orcs will appear at Focus Home Interactive's booth at E3 in early June. The game will launch on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in September.

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