Overwatch Trailers Preview Winston And Widowmaker

Blizzard released a couple of new trailers for their upcoming game Overwatch. The new title received spotlights for characters Winston and the Widowmaker. It was really poor timing to toss the trailers up during E3, but I guess they really wanted people to see their new promo videos for the characters.

The first trailer is of Widowmaker, which you can view below.

Many fans of Overwatch have been clamoring and asking Blizzard to release footage of Widowmaker because they really wanted to see how a sniper class would operate in the MOBA-style FPS title.

Widowmaker can get one-shot kills at a distance and she requires serious twitch reflexes to pull off said kills. Additionally, she has an automatic fire option for the sniper rifle at close range.

As you see in the video above, Widowmaker is not good for CQC. The focus of her attacks are basically centered around long range sniping from a hidden area. She dies a couple of times when the action gets hot and heavy in some closed in segments, but we really see the character shine when she's able to make use of the more open terrain and map segments.

To help Widomaker get around and reach hard to reach places is a grappling hook. It's a special skill with a moderate cooldown. She can use the grappling hook to get up to high places and perch atop hidden crevices or towers to strike down terror upon unsuspecting foes.

She definitely has a learning curve, though. Widowmaker is a hard-to-use character with high-rewards. I would say that she seems to have a higher curve than the likes of Hanzo, who is a similar character but lacks the range that Widowmaker has.

Blizzard also unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the character Winston. You can see him in action below.

Winston is one of the tank characters in Overwatch and has access to a shield that protects himself and his teammates, as well as a leap attack to close the gap between opponents or gain some extra ground to get to an area quickly, and he has a Rage mechanic for his special where he runs around beating the mess out of anyone in his path.

It's funny that in the YouTube comments a lot of people complain about not being able to make up what exactly Winston is doing once his rage kicks into play and others complain that his electric gun looks as if it doesn't do much damage.

The character is obviously a tank and he he appears to be good for escort missions in Overwatch, as well as getting behind enemy lines and wrecking havoc in close quarters.

Overwatch is set to enter beta testing this fall. You can learn more about the beta test and other characters by visiting the official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.